Policies & Procedures

Thank you for thinking of Empower Field at Mile High for your upcoming event. Below is helpful information when inquiring about booking Empower Field at Mile High. 

Initial Steps

Step 1: Availability of venue

Empower Field at Mile High is available year-round for private bookings. The venue does not book private events during home games or other large public events. If you are interested in suite rentals during a game or large public event, please contact premium seating at 720-258-3333. The NFL regular season schedule is released in April/May each year. Once the schedule is released, we’re able to confirm Sundays, Mondays, & Thursdays from September-December. The venue allows private bookings during the season on non-game days. Playoffs occur in January; therefore, Empower Field at Mile High is not able to confirm any Saturday or Sunday bookings in the month of January until the final playoff schedule is confirmed.

Step 2: A Sales Proposal does not guarantee a hold on event space(s)

Upon receiving your sales proposal for event space(s), please know this is a sales proposal with basic information about event space options. The proposal does not guarantee a hold on the event space(s). If you would like to place a soft hold, please reply to the email or contact the Sales Manager by phone to place a soft hold on specific event space(s). Once the event space(s) are on hold, this gives you the first right of refusal. If another party inquires about the event space, you’ll receive a call or email from the Sales Manager. You’ll have 5-business days to enter into a contract or the event space is released.

Step 3: Catering

Empower Field at Mile High is exclusive to Epicurean & Aramark for food & beverage options. Epicurean & Aramark offer full service catering onsite. In the initial sales proposal, the catering contact is copied on the email on the email and reaches out separately with sample menus and pricing options. Prior to booking the venue, please work with our two exclusive catering companies on your desired menu. If you move forward with booking Empower Field at Mile High, you’ll contract separately with each catering company and work directly with them on food/beverage needs. Table linens & glassware are not included in your rental. Please work directly with catering to provide quotes on linens and glassware from our exclusive provider, Event Rents. Once you have firmed up your rental items, Epicurean & Aramark will send you a separate invoice from Event Rents. The venue does not allow outside food brought into the venue.

Each event space has a different catering agreement, specifics below.

Bud Light Champions Club

  • Food Provider: Epicurean or Aramark
  • Liquor License Ownership: Aramark

Bud Light Rooftop

  • Food Provider: Aramark
  • Liquor License Ownership: Aramark

Fan Cave

  • Food Provider: Aramark
  • Liquor License Ownership: Aramark

Field & Production Bay

  • Food Provider: Epicurean or Aramark
  • Liquor License Ownership: Aramark

Home Media Room

  • Food Provider: Epicurean or Aramark
  • Liquor License Ownership: Aramark

Locker Rooms

  • Food Provider: Epicurean or Aramark
  • Liquor License Ownership: Aramark

Mile High Monument

  • Food Provider: Aramark
  • Liquor License Ownership: Aramark

Suites & Plaza (Suite Promenade)

  • Food Provider: Epicurean
  • Liquor License Ownership: Epicurean

United Club Level (East or West Lounge)

  • Food Provider: Epicurean
  • Liquor License Ownership: Aramark

Step 4: Schedule a Site Visit

The sales proposals and website provide great photos and diagrams. It is helpful to schedule a site to view the event space(s) and discuss additional options available for your event. We understand it is not always possible to see the venue, due to travel, schedules, etc. If you are not able to visit the venue, we have a large library of photos, diagrams, and additional information about the event space(s). If you are able to attend a walkthrough prior to booking, please contact your Sales Manager and find a time available for everyone who is interested in viewing the event space(s). Due to the confidentiality of events, we do not conduct site visits during another event. In addition, we’re not able to schedule site visits during a large public event (i.e. concerts, football games). When scheduling a site visit, the Sales Manager provides parking directions on where to park/enter for the site visit. Please forward the directions to all those in attendance. The average site visit takes an hour to view the space(s) and discuss any additional questions. The catering companies are not present on the initial site visit unless you would like them to join in; therefore, please let us know. Site visits are available Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (based on availability of event space).

Entering Into a Contract

Step 1: Preparing the contract

Once you are ready to move forward and confirm your booking, please contact your Sales Manager to complete the contract requirements.

Items needed to enter into a contract

  • Date: Please specify your event date
  • Name of Licensee: Please provide the legal name of the company, whom is included as the Licensee in the contract (responsible party). The Licensee is required to provide an insurance policy (see insurance policy requirements in “Other Contracted Items Needed” section on this page).
  • Licensee Address: The address listed on the contract, is the address the invoice and the Performance Deposit is refunded to. If you have different addresses, please provide specifics.
  • Event Space(s): Please provide a list of the event spaces(s) you would like to contract.
  • Estimated Attendance: An estimated attendance is fine for the initial contract. As we get closer to the event, an exact attendance is needed for food, beverage & seating.
  • Event start/end time: We consider an event to start when the first guest walks into the building, not necessarily when the presentation starts. Events are based on 4 exclusive hours, plus additional hours for setup. Please include your guest registration time when submitting your timeline to the venue.
  • Amount of time needed for setup: The venue completes the setup of the event space(s) according to the final diagram (tables, chairs, dance floor, staging, catering tables, etc.). Your Event Operations Contact will confirm when the setup of your event space will be complete, which will depend on the events taking place the day before yours. Upon conclusion of the venue setup, you are welcome to access the space to set up your items. On average, the venue is complete with your setup 4-hours prior to the start time. Every event varies on the amount of setup time needed. Please consider the amount of time needed to set up: registration, trade show booths, entertainment, auction items, audiovisual rehearsal, etc. If your event requires an additional day for setup, please contact your Sales Manager, as setup days are additional and not included in the room rental.
  • Name of Event: What is the main name of your event? This is helpful at the entrance of the venue when guests are accessing the building. If you are not sure what your event name is, we can use your Licensee name. Once we get closer to the event, we can name your event and use that for security purposes. If your event name and/or Licensee name should remain confidential, please notify your event operations contact.
  • Main contact person’s information: Please list the person(s) that are responsible for the event details and planning of the event. We’ll need the name, email, and phone number of the contact person(s). If you are planning on changing contacts on event day, please provide that information as you get closer to your event. It is also common that groups have a contact person for the contract (i.e. contract signer). We can certainly include that person’s information on the contract as well.

Step 2: Sending the Contract

Once the contract is complete, the Sales Manager sends you a final contract (email or mail) to confirm the booking. In addition to the contract, you’ll receive the Terms & Conditions, Insurance Requirements, and Schedule 1 (vendor information). Please review the documents and notify your Sales Manager if you have any changes to the language of the contract. If you have edits to your contract language, please allow 14 days to receive counter edits and/or feedback on requested changes from Denver Broncos legal.

Step 3: Introduction to your Event Operations Contact

Following the contract phase of your event, you are introduced to your Operations Contact. Your operations contact helps to successfully complete your event on behalf of the venue. You will work directly with your operations contact moving forward to finalize all event needs. You will continue working with your catering contacts on behalf of your catering needs.

Other Contracted Items Needed

When you begin planning your event details with the operations contact, you’ll receive an Event Planners Guide, which provides useful information on setup, load-in, audiovisual, parking, etc. Below are additional items of importance required when booking an event. These items are further explained in your Event Planners Guide, yet it is important to understand the following before contracting with the venue.

Performance Deposit

Empower Field at Mile High requires $1,000.00 Performance Deposit upon signing of the contract. The Performance Deposit is in addition to the room rental and is fully refundable if no damages or ancillary services occur. You are welcome to submit a check or credit card for the deposit. Please specify to your operations contact how you would like to receive your deposit back. We are able to credit your credit card for the amount not used or we’re able to send you a check for the remaining amount. The refund check is made out to the licensee and sent to the address listed on the contract.

Insurance Requirements

All events require an insurance policy that is due 14 days prior to your event date. If you are not able to obtain a policy per the recruitments below, the venue is able to order a policy that covers your event up to $1,000,000 of General Liability. The rate for a policy ranges from $114-$201 based on specifics (attendance, type of event, & number of days the venue is booked).

  • The certificate must include: $1,000,000 per occurrence general liability limit.
  • The certificate must also include the following language under the Description of Operations: "STADIUM MANAGEMENT COMPANY, LLC, PDB SPORTS, LTD., d/b/a Denver Broncos Football Club, and the METROPOLITAN FOOTBALL STADIUM DISTRICT, and any and all of their affiliates, officers, members, partners, owners, agents, employees, representatives, successors and assigns are included as additional insureds."
  • The Certificate Holder name must be either:
    Denver Broncos Football Club or Stadium Management Company
    ** Empower Field is not sufficient and may not be used
  • Please use the following address for the Certificate Holder:
    1701 Bryant Street, Suite 700
    Denver, CO 80204

Denver Broncos & Empower Field at Mile High Logo Usage

The Denver Broncos trademark, trade name, & emblem are NOT available for use under any circumstance (i.e. marketing materials, promotion of event, programs, signage, etc.). Wrongful use of the logo is considered a violation of the event contract. The Empower Field at Mile High logo and/or photo of the venue is available for use with written consent from the venue. If you are interested in using the Empower Field at Mile High logo, please contact your operations contact for a Logo Agreement and approval. When using the Empower Field at Mile High logo, all marketing material for promoting your event or communicating details should spell out the venue’s name entirely. Example: ABC Event is hosted at Empower Field at Mile High (please do not leave out “at Mile High” when communicated event location). Altering the Empower Field at Mile High logo is prohibited and is a violation of the contract (i.e. changing the color, name or reorientation of the logo, etc.).

Signed Event Contract is required prior to Advertising or Disclosing of the Event Location

Please sign and return the event contract to your operations contact before advertising or disclosing the event location. We do not allow you to advertise or market your event location during the contract phase. We must have a signed contract in our possession before marketing begins. Please do not sign any contracts with 3rd party vendors (band, florist, transportation, etc.) until you have secured your contract with Empower Field at Mile High.